What are Eyelash Extensions and Tips to use them Properly

What are eyelash extensions isn’t being big question recently. All the teenager and also woman have already understood well about what are eyelash extensions since they always use eyelash extension to make their eyes up. Moreover nowadays so many cosmetic shops serve the large variety of eyelash famous products. And also all the famous brand presented the best offering to attract the consumer’s attention.

To have beautiful eyes you need to consider not only having neat eyebrows but we also suggest to use eyelashes extensions. In this way you need to learn more about which extensions and how to put them on properly.

Even though you may be familiar enough with how eyelash extension function as well as the way to put them onto your eyes as it is not easy. You need to do several treatments to get the perfect look.

For you who are seldom using eyelash extension you may understand less about eyelash extension treatment and how to use them.

what are eyelash extensions

What Are Eyelash Extensions And How To Put Them On properly

  • Begin to curl the eyelash with black mascara to make it neat, if the lash was already neat it would be blended with the eyelash extension.  And this step would give natural look.
  • After that you need to make sure your eyelash extension has appropriate size to your eye line. If you find your eyelash extension longer than your eye line you can cut the both of sides.
  • After you get the appropriate size for your eye line, put the glue through your eye line. In this way you need carefully watch your applying and never let it lumpy.
  • Then you pleased to begin in attaching your eyelash extension through your eye line. You are suggested to use forefinger and thumb then press and clamp the ring finger and thumb on the original lash. But for your convenience the finger using may change as you wish.
  • After that waiting until your eyelash extension is getting dry. To make sure your eyelash wouldn’t be bent keep closing your eyes. And for the final touching you are suggested to apply liquid eyeliner starting from the outside to inside.

Several Tips in the Question of What are Eyelash Extensions

  • After you get the clear explanation about what are eyelash extensions and how to use eyelash extension properly, you need also to consider several crucial things in using eyelash extension. They are:
  • Make sure the length of the eyelash is appropriate with your eye line’s length.
  • Don’t forget to keep the eyelash extension position above your original eyelash. This is way to avoid your eyelash extension disturbing your sight and also keep your convenience.
  • Keep watch to apply glue trough your eye line, you aren’t allowed to give your original eyelash with the glue. This is way to avoid your skin getting irritation.
  • Always update your information about eyelash in the magazine or may be internet source. And after that you would understand well about what are eyelash extensions and what the latest tips about it.

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