The Beauty of Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Why are many women interested in trying Semi permanent eyelash extensions? In addition they may want to look beautiful and attractive; they also want it to be more practical  than having to do make-up. Do you know how long it takes for an eyelash to grow? It takes 3 to 5 weeks for an eyelash to regrow when it is lost. So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your eyelashes, it never hurts to go to a salon and try some.

There is an interesting question as to the reason you may prefer semi permanent lashes, why? By using Semi permanent eyelash extensions, your eye lashes will look thicker and more tapered, but still retain their natural beauty, as it will look like areal eyelash. In addition they are comfortable when wearing them. Because the eyelashes will not hurt your eye or your eyelid. It just looks like you are using an expensive mascara. Thus, by selecting the semi permanent variety, your eyelash will still look beautiful naturally.

semi permanent eyelash extensions

Types of Semi Permanent Extensions

Other facts you need to know are what types of semi permanent eyelash extensions are available? There are four types of semi-permanent eyelash extensions, the first is made of synthetic material, and the second type are made from silk, some are made of human hair and the last type is made of feathers. However, of the four types of Semi permanent eyelash extensions are the most frequently used by women is a synthetic extension. Why? It’s because this type is the most efficient and least expensive.

Application Process

 How difficult is the installation process of semi permanent extensions? You do not need to worry, because the process of applying the extensions is simple just like a spa treatment – you just need to lie down comfortably and close your eyes (it is  recommended to have a professional apply the lashes) and continue with the  application of the lashes using eyelash glue which is safe and harmless. After you get the results like what you want, you are advised to reapply your lashes after 2 to 4 weeks. The first application may take about 1 hour, and then after will be shorter. If you want your eyes to look beautiful and sexy, then try Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions. Everyone knows that the eye is a reflection of the heart, if you also want to emit the beauty of your eyes immediately.

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