Pay More Attention on How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last

Most women have heard or even applied eyelash extensions at one time or another. Extensions are actually applied to enhance your eyelashes and improve their beauty by making them longer and more charming.

We often contemplate having eyelash extensions but the question remains, how long do they last. Many of us are interested in using extensions especially if they can make our eyes look more beautiful but it is also important to consider how durable they are and how long they will last?

Many eyelash extension beauticians and salons in Dallas  offer eyelash extensions but the quality can vary greatly with each salon.

Before you go and consider having some extensions fitted you should use some due diligence and do it a bit of research first.

Here are some suggestions.

What To Consider When Looking For Eyelash Extensions

It is advisable to have eyelash extensions fitted by a professional beautician as glues can be harmful to eyes it not used properly.

The finished results and quality a professional fitting lashes correctly is worth the extra cost involved.

The lash will grow evenly until the lash falls out naturally. This normally takes about 2 – 4 weeks.

Tips to help prolong how long your extensions last

How long do eyelash extensions last
Factors that reduce how long semi permanent eyelashes can last for are as follows:

The number one factor is ‘”have they been fitted by a trained professional eyelash technician”?

This is the most critical factor for the life span and durability of any eyelash extension, because if the person responsible for the whole process is not experienced then it will be a very hit or miss outcome for a great overall look.

The quality of the extensions material used will provide the quality of the look.

The type of glue used to affix the lash needs to be of a high quality specifically for lash attachment.

How fast your hair and nails grow naturally with play a part.

Avoid steamy or hot environments such as badly ventilated cooking areas when possible.

The use of hot rooms or saunas greatly reduce the life of extensions.

Rainy or wet conditions- swimming with extensions too often is not recommended. This depends on the quality of the glue used.

Rubbing or wiping the eyes too hard or excessively will reduce the amount of time they can last also.

I hope that this information has helped to explain what factors can affect how long your eyelash extension can last for.


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