Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions become a Trend

Eyelash extensions have been used since the 1990′s by Hollywood actresses. But now they are in great demand by women who want that Kim Kardashian eyelash extensions look  to make their eyes  more beautiful also. Hollywood stars are often copied for their appearance and beauty by many women.

The Kim Kardashian look is highly sort after by many women. Extensions have become the trend that is loved by women from all over the world.

Why are Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes a trend? It’s because Kim has eyelash extensions that looks very beautiful and natural.

Eyelash extensions will make your eyes look very stunning also.

Kim’s eyelashes have always been a dream of women who want their eyes to look beautiful also. It is not surprising because her eyes  look really incredible.

You can see Kim has always maintained very beautiful eyelashes. They have the ability to hypnotize everyone that sees them. This has made Kim a very beautiful and fascinating woman. Are you also interested in having extensions like Kim Kardashian?

The Influences of Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become a trend that has spread throughout the world. Allot of beauty salons now provide eyelash extensions that look identical. Extensions are chosen because their look lasts longer than using mascara or fake eyelashes to  try and make their eyes beautiful.

Sometimes women are busy with the use of fake eyelashes that are layered in order to make them look different. Allot of time is necessary to put fake eyelashes  on every time you want to look special.

You can imagine what your eyes will look like if you are accidentally caught in the rain when using fake eyelashes or mascara? But if you had eyelash extensions  you would be fine and your appearance would not be affected  if caught out in the rain  You can even swim with eyelash extensions, and your lashes will still look beautiful.

Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions
In general, eyelash extensions can last for 1 to 2 months and if the extensions are done by a salon it only takes 1 to 2 hours. Eyelash extensions will last until the original eyelashes grow and eyelash extensions fall out naturally.

If you want to do eyelash extensions you should be more careful in selecting  quality eyelash products and glue. The reason this is important is that in many cases irritation of the eyes can occur after the eyelash extensions are applied. This happens because your eyes may be sensitive to the type of glue that was used for fitting  the eyelash extensions.


The Secret of Eyelash Extensions

Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions secret
Kim’s eyelash extensions are the envy of lots of women. Are you curious about what kind of eyelash extensions Kim Kardashian uses to make her eyes so beautiful? MAC 35 lashes are the answer. This product was chosen by Kim because they look so natural, they are durable, and of a high quality. So if you want to have eyelashes like Kim, then you can use MAC 35 lashes. But the issue is what price should be paid to have these eyelash extensions? According to rumors, the price paid by Kim is about $100 to $500. Do you still want eyelash extensions like Kim’s?

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