How Much are Eyelash Extensions

How much are eyelash extensions, if someone asks me this question a diverse answer will emerge. This answer may be different because of the sheer number of brands of eyelash extensions that circulate the world today.

The price difference may not be too much depending on how long it can last  and the quality of the material used. The use of eyelash extensions is quite noticeable as compared to  natural eyelashes.

How much do extensions cost and what obvious changes are seen?

According to a study conducted by an expert beauty of the world some time ago the fees charged to perform eyelash extensions once were ranged between 20-35 U.S. dollars, it depends on the type of eyelashes, eyelash length and thickness desired.

After you get eyelash extensions dramatic changes will occur. Your lashes are longer straighter and thicker, very different from your natural ones. A price of 20-35 dollars is  a reasonable price for such a dramatic visual change with your new look.

Some women are surprised when they ask  how much eyelash extensions actually cost, because they expect them to be out of their price range which they aren’t.

 What Changes Can You Feel With Extensions

How Much are Eyelash Extensions

The cost of eyelash extensions is not that much especially after seeing the actual results of  a good eyelash extensions job they have done for them. Extensions will also make eyelashes look thick and bold and when you smile your eyes will glow making them look stunning.

They can reduce the size of your makeup bag as you can remove some items that you no longer need such as mascara and the like because you have very beautiful  lashes .

Friends and work colleagues will ask you how much did you pay for your extensions, you can reply not much considering how great they look and the benefits they provide.

Now days there are so many variations available on the market but the most common we see are permanent eyelash extensions and semi-permanent, for those of you who really need them for a relatively long time it is advisable to choose a permanent eyelash.

If you only want them for a special event then it is better to choose a semi-permanent lash.

Before you  decide to do eyelash extensions  there are many things that must be considered.

One of the most important things is finding a reputable salon that does a good job and how much are the eyelash extensions?

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