Eyelash Extensions Tips And Information

Eyelash extensions have become the rage in recent times. This trend has been highlighted by high  profile Hollywood stars and celebrities.
The good news is that lash extensions are available to women  at affordable prices by local beauty salons.
The result is eyelashes that look longer thicker more  bold with that natural curl finish.
With this bold thick looking lash there is no need to apply  mascara anymore saving you on makeup and application time.
The visual results are a bright and clean  looking facial appearance which highlights the natural beauty of your eyes.
The question is “what do I need to know” about eyelash extensions?
By being well educated with up to date information and advice will greatly reduce your learning curve  and save you time, money and possible heartache.

The Evolution Of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Instructional Demonstration Video

This video helps to explain what eyelash extensions are and demonstrates the process involved for the attachment of individual lash extensions in the one video. Individual specific extension application requirements and requests are also discussed.

The creation of false eyelashes was first conceived in 1916 in the film Intolerance directed by D W Griffith. Griffith wanted an actress by the name of Seena Owen to have eyelashes large enough to brush her cheeks  and would make her eyes sparkle larger than life.

Early lashes were constructed from natural hair which was woven into a fine mesh by a wig maker. These false eyelashes when attached to actress Owens eyes.

Ffake or false lashes were of a one piece construction and were glued to the surface of each eyelid.

This was a temporary solution which helped to enhance the  appearance of their eyes making their lashes appear longer and thicker. These lashes were worn on special occasions or events by regular women also. The problem with them was  that they would have a tendency to droop or even fall off unexpectedly.

Then in 2006 a single lash technique was created in Japan which made way for the individual lash of today.

Modern lashes are a more reliable solution. These are false individual eyelash extensions. These lashes  are the latest and hottest trend. They provide the wearer a beautiful and sensual natural look to their eyes.

The Beauty of Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

semi permanent eyelash extensionsMany women are curious about semi permanent eyelashes. It has been known that long eyelashes look more attractive and beautiful to others and with these eyelash extensions you don’t even need makeup to enhance the eyes. They can look stunning on their own which makes them practical . Mascara can cause clumping and can cause eyelashes to fall out. It can take 3 to 5 weeks for an eyelash to grow back…Read More

Kim Kardashian Eyelash Extensions become a Trend

Kim Kardashian Eyelash ExtensionsHollywood has had a fascination with eyelash extensions since the 1990′s. Actresses have adorned our screens with these luscious lashes and now they are in demand worldwide by many women who long for beautiful and stunning eyes. One of the many followers of lash extensions is Kim Kardashian who is an advocate of such lashes. Kim Kardashian has become famously known for her lash extensions…Read More

Effect Of Using Individual Eyelash Extensions

individual eyelash extensionIndividual eyelash extensions are one of the many options available to women of all ages. They can help to enhance and beautify the eye area simply and easily. Most women desire beautiful, thick and long eyelashes to complement their features and this is one way of achieving this. There are lots of beauty products on offer that include individual eyelash extensionsRead More

How Much are Eyelash Extensions

How Much are Eyelash ExtensionsEyelash extensions can differ in price due to the different brands on offer. There are a vast selection to choose from which can obviously vary in price. It also depends on where you have them done as to what they charge the customer. The cost of eyelash extensions may not be excessive depending on the type you choose…Read More

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last

How long do eyelash extensions lastYou may have considered applying eyelash extensions to beautify your eyes and make them appear truly  stunning but you may be unsure as to how long they actually last. This is a question most women want to know before they go ahead with eyelash extensions…Read More