Eyelash Extensions NYC

Women seek many ways of trying to make their eyes look more stunning and appealing. Using eye makeup is one way of doing this to enhance and beautify the eye area.

Commonly used to highlight the eyelashes is mascara. However, nowadays there is an innovative new fashion trend that is sweeping the world and they are eyelash extensions NYC.

It is a very popular trend that women around the world are starting to seek as this is one method to make your eyelashes look fuller, thicker and longer giving you a striking look.

Eyelash extensions are a rather similar concept as the common hair extensions. They are created from synthetic polyester substances. However, there is also a substance which derives from weasel to make eyelash extensions. Of course, the cost of the weasel extension is more expensive than any other.

But you need to know that the process of implanting the eyelash extension is by bonding the substances with adhesive glue. Of course the process of bonding them needs a very careful approach since the materials should be adhered to on your eyelashes one by one. The results are astounding and can make your eyelashes seem longer, fuller, and thicker.

Recently one of the popular trends in fashion in the world is the eyelash extensions NYC. You can choose the multiplicity of length, thickness, and colors of eyelash extensions. You are also given a choice to have eyelash extensions as a temporary or semi permanent method. For example, you may choose the eyelash extensions NYC for two weeks or you may prefer two months.

There are advantages to getting eyelash extensions and these include the fact that you will have beautiful eyelashes which will look  thick, long, and full. The second advantage is you won’t need to use mascara anymore. No more mascara fading or smudging.

You won’t need to keep buying mascara which will save you money and the time saved not having to apply it is a bonus. The third advantage of the eyelash extensions  is you keep looking fantastic all day long and you only need to apply the most minimal cosmetics to enhance the rest of your eyes if that.

Side effects of eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions NYC
* Irritation

Slight irritation may occur if you have sensitive eyes and if there is direct contact of the extension material with the eye area. This is not a common occurance but you may experience this slight irritation as a side effect.

* Eyelash loss

As with hair, you may experience eyelash loss also. If the material used in eyelash extensions is too harsh, your eyelashes may be damaged and fall off. This is especially so if you are wearing eyelash extensions for long periods.

* Infection

The eye irritation which is caused by direct contact with the chemical materials of eyelash extensions may lead to infection.
In saying this it is not a normal occurrence and besides there are ways to help avoid these side effects which may occur. There are some helpful tips to help maintain your eyelash extensions.

* Tips to maintain your eyelash extensions

You should avoid scrubbing your eyes as this can harm them. It may even damage the extensions.
To tidy up your eyelashes you can use an eyelash brush softly and gently.
It is not advisable to apply mascara. Waterproof mascara for example, can damage the substance of extensions.
* Apply the only secured eyelash extensions products
* For more precise applying eyelash extensions 101  you can consult with the expert

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