Eyelash Extensions Make You Beautiful

Eyelash extensions can make you beautiful and increase your confidence. Every woman certainly wants to look good and beautiful every day. There many ways which they can do to achieve their wish. Make up becomes one of the ways to beautify ourselves.

You will find that there many make up tools which is usually used by women or teenagers. Make up is a support tool to change your appearance with magic. You can see that you get some changes at your face that makes you more beautiful with eyelash extensions. Make up also can hide your weakness, especially at the face.

Suppose that you don’t have beautiful eyelash that makes your eyes is not god to be looked. You can use eyelash extensions to make it perfect. Of course you should install the eyelash extensions carefully to get the best result and you will be looked as the pretty woman.

Maybe you never used the eyelash extensions before so you don’t know really about the installation of extensions. You can find the tips and steps how to install the extensions for your eyelash well and safely.

Eyelash Extensions Tips

If you want to apply the eyelash extensions, you must ask the licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician, and permanent make up technician. It’s applied by hand to your own lashes individually without a machine. You need the other helps because your eyes must remain closed.

The procedure of extensions applying takes little long time from 2 to 3 hours. Closing the eyes isn’t an easy task for some people. Normally, the eyelashes fall every 60-90 days and the new lashes will grow immediately.

The natural cycle is different for each person. It depends on the caring of your lashes and it also will affect how long the eyelash extensions will leave next to your eyes. Before you get the eyelash extensions, you can ask your friend that has ever used the extensions for special events like wedding or graduation.

It’s good if you can find the recommended place for you to have the extensions for your lashes. Looking the proper information is very important because the people who will install the extensions must have a license.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Before and After

Eyelash Extensions
Here are some eyelash extensions tips for you. First, don’t let the lashes get wet for 12-24 hours and avoid hot steam and saunas.

Second, you must avoid the water running directly onto your lashes and don’t rub your eyes roughly.

Third, if you want to wipe your lashes, you can use water based mascara only.

Fourth, apply the mascara from the middle to the tip of eyelashes.

Fifth, you can user water based eye makeup remover and don’t use a mechanical eyelash cutter.

Sixth, when you apply the eyelash extensions, don’t pull it on your lashes because this may cause your natural lashes to come out prematurely.

You must apply it gently in order to get good result. You must do some caring actions to protect your eyelashes. You can use eye cream and don’t use waterproof mascara. The constant usage of mascara can shorten the life-span of your lashes. It’s good for you to know when you need eyelash extensions to beautify your eyes.

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