Eyelash Extensions Kits

Most all women want to be perfect and they like to look after of their appearance .

Some women are very self conscious about having short and unattractive eyelashes.

Of course they want to find a way to make their eyelashes more attractive to others.  It is possible to get specialized training on how to apply eyelash extensions.

One such place is NovaLash. They offer two types of eyelash extension kits which you can purchase.

Eyelash Extensions Practice Kit

The first type of eyelash extensions kits is eyelash extensions practice kits. This type of kit includes several items that can  be used to create attractive eyelashes  at home. The items included are natural eyelashes based on particular sizes, vinyl pads, sensitive eyes adhesive, adhesive remover, and much more.

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Eyelash Extensions Professional Kit

The second type of eyelash extension kit which can be purchased is the professional eyelash extension kit. For those who want to start an eyelash extensions business you can purchase this kit. The items you get in this professional package are platinum bond adhesive and sensitive eyes adhesive, natural lashes, Curly-Curly lashes, micro brushes and much more. The price will vary and it will depend on the package that you decide to purchase. One more difference between the eyelash extensions practice kit and professional kit is that in professional package you will receive marketing material so you can promote your new business easily. The kit you decide to purchase will ultimately depend on if you want to use it personally or for business.

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