Eyelash Extensions is The New Style for Many Women

The New Style Of Eyelash Extensions

Women always wants to have an interesting appearance and be a beautiful apearance. There are many ways to make their body, lip, eyes, teeth, and skin apear beautiful and interesting. However, some of beauty care products that are available are expensive and they have to spend alot of money for beauty care.

It can drop if the liquid glue is dry or something that may happen like you accidentally drop it with your hands. The best solution for women who have problem with their eyelash is using eyelash extensions. It is available in two types such as the permanent and temporary eyelash extensions. For some people, the eyelash extensions make them feel more confident than before. The cost of eyelash extensions is different based on the quality and material. Some of salons provide the price for an eyelash extension with the cost of $350 including $100 for touch up recommended after two weeks.

To apply the lashes, you need approximately 90 minutes of time from start until finish. If you want the permanent one, the permanent eyelash extensions will make you look beauty all along the time. Beside the permanent eyelash extensions there is a semi-permanent eyelash extension that you can find it many salons. Getting an application process of eyelash extension is not harm at all and the feel is just like receiving a service of spa.

Eyelash Extensions

The process of applying permanent eyelash extensions is quite simple, but you have to wait it for a quite long time. You just need to close your eyes for all of the entire time and the technician will glue the synthetic lash extension to the natural lashes with the medical grade of glue. After the natural lash is sheds, the extension will fall out and replaced with the natural lashes. You need to maintain your permanent eyelash extensions to get a refill for every 2 or 3 weeks.

The Permanent Eyelash Extension That Become A Lifestyle

Having permanent eyelash extensions is kind of lifestyle for many people. Eyelash extensions will make the wearer feel sexier, younger, and their confidence will be increased. The permanent eyelash extensions has a protection for you who always use mascara and curling for a lower maintenance beauty routine in the morning. Just like the other nail salons, eyelash salons perform the best service in eyelash care that nowadays it become more popular as today’s culture. The common eyelash extension can stand at least for about three weeks only. But the permanent one can stand until few years but actually you need a routine maintenance for your eyelash. Some people said that eyelash extensions is time consuming and costly. It is right, because you have to make them keep in good condition if you want the best one. However, the permanent one will give you the natural look so it does not need the routine maintenance.

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