Eyelash Extensions: Cheaper than Mascara

Eyelash extensions can make your eyes more beautiful and look extremely attractive. Having beautiful lashes is the dream of every woman. Long, thick and tapering eyelashes can usually make a person’s eyes more aesthetically appealing.

Eyelash extensions can be just the confidence booster you need. Many women usually use mascara to make their eyelashes look longer and tapering.

Unfortunately, using mascara gives some disadvantages. In addition to its tendency to agglomerate or melt which can make you have bad makeup, mascara also is considered expensive.

Eyelash Extensions Cost

Undeniable, the price of a bottle of mascara itself is quite expensive. You even have to pay more to buy special mascara cleanser. In addition, you also have to apply mascara for mascara is easily erased. This will make you spend a bottle of mascara faster and buy new mascara.

By using mascara more often, you may have to buy two to three bottles of mascara in each month. This of course means a waste of money. The thing will even be worse if you have to go to salon every time you want to makeup your eyes.

You not only spend a lot of money for buying the mascara, but you also spend more money on salon.

Alternatively you can use eyelash extensions to extend your eyelashes. Just as hair extensions, eyelash extensions are installed by gluing each piece of false eyelashes to each strand of your real lashes.

Using the eyelash extensions is considered cheaper than using mascara. This makes sense because you only need to install the eyelash extensions for one time only, and it will last for a long time. Once you install the eyelash extensions, you can use it for seven days or even up to a month.

This can absolutely save on your expenses. One eyelash extension installation costs only as one bottle of mascara. If once you got the eyelash extensions installed and it last for a month, it means have saved the cost as three bottles of mascara. In other words, in a month, you only need to spend a third of the purchase cost of mascara if you use the eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Cheaper than Mascara


You do not need to buy the special cleanser for mascara as the eyelash extensions do not need so. These eyelashes will automatically fall off as the time the glue has decreased.

The only thing you should avoid is water. So you just have to be careful when you clean your face or hair. Since you do not need to bother with the cleanser stuff and so on, then using the eyelash extensions is certainly cheaper than using mascara.

You do not have to bother to go to the salon to get that perfect makeup. You just need to go to the salon once, to get beautiful lashes for a month. This alternative is even cheaper that using fake eyelashes.

These fake eyelashes are only can be used once for each pair. One you use them, you have to throw them after using.

It doesn’t do the same with the eyelash extensions. Once you have the eyelash extensions applied on your eyelash, you can keep it for a month. It is quite cheap, isn’t it?

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