Effect Of Using Individual Eyelash Extensions

Today, an individual eyelash extension is one of many options available to women to help complement their style and beauty  Most women want a beautiful, tapering, long, thick, and black eyelash. This is what lots of beauty products include the individual eyelash extension offer.

Here are some eyelash tips that I can suggest to achieve these results.

How To Care Of Individual Eyelash Extensions

The first thing that you have to do is avoid your eyelash extension from direct contact with water for 24 hours after they are attached to your eye lash. This is to avoid the failure of your newly fitted extensions. Another situation to avoid  is the sauna or steam.

Try to avoid rubbing your eyes too hard. It may also cause irritation of your eyes initially after being applied.

In some cases, there are women that favor individual eyelash extension, but on the other hand there are women who are not really interested tn individual extensions.

They prefer to use mascara in their daily make up routine to enhance their natural eyelashes to make them more attractive. In fact, if you use individual eyelash extensions it is not necessary to use mascara.

So, the next suggestion is that you only need to use a water based mascara with natural or plain color.  A mascara that contains additional nutrients to help maintain your individual eyelashes.

individual eyelash extension

The Benefits Of Individual Extension

Individual eyelash extensions reduce your make up application time greatly because you do not need to apply mascara to them. You also do not need to remove your mascara with makeup remover either. One last thing that you do not require is having to use your mechanical eyelash curler.

You can get your  eyelash curl without having to use it anymore. That’s basically all you need to know about how to treat your extensions.

When you go to the  beauty salon to get your individual eyelashes, ask the beautician or make up artist if  eyelash extensions may cause any negative impact to your type of eye.

Pay attention to the kind of glue that is suitable for you especially if you use contact lenses and the other types that are suitable for non contact lens use. Flaunt your beautiful eyes with individual eyelash extensions.

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